Our Straps and Bracelets

Just as the Maison pays close attention to the details of the case and movement, a particular focus is given to the strap of each piece. And as always,  the gesture is at the heart of the production process in order to provide Vacheron Constantin straps with a unique aesthetic and outstanding longevity.

Leather straps

Vacheron Constantin leather-strap watches are crafted from a quality of leather meticulously selected according to the demanding quality criteria established by the Maison. Creating the straps of these Swiss luxury watches involves 60 stages ranging from preparation through to finishing.

Resistance and longevity are the key assets of this noble natural material. Alligator leather is the main type of skin used in making Vacheron Constantin leather-strap watches, in compliance with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), to which the Manufacture has committed.

New calfskin straps for the Overseas collection

In line with today's trend in high watch-making, and with our clients' expectations, Vacheron Constantin has decided to change the additional straps delivered with Overseas watches from alligator to calfskin. 

Rubber Straps

The Vacheron Constantin rubber bracelets bear a design inspired by the famous Vacheron Constantin emblem. Their ingenious interchangeability mechanism makes it easy to alternate between bracelets and folding clasps, without any need for tools and guaranteeing exactly the same solidity as a permanent strap or bracelet. 

Metal Bracelets

Perfectly suited to active lifestyles, the metallic bracelet provides all of the advantages of clean resilience and longevity to equip exceptional watches. Thanks to its clasp and system of three easily interchangeable straps – steel, leather, and rubber – the watch can be personalized according to the owner’s wishes.


Whether it’s the color of the leather, the stitching or the color of the side edges, the possibilities are almost endless to make your watch strap entirely unique. You can also add a design or text to the lining of your watch to make it even more special. Book a tailored appointment in our Boutiques to discover the Strap Bar.

Preserve the precious bond with your watch

The strap of your Vacheron Constantin deserves the utmost respect in order to preserve all of its qualities over time. Discover more on how to take care of your strap or bracelet.


Our brand's philosophy is to meet expectations by designing timepieces as technically impressive as they are aesthetically stunning.

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