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The Service Centers or how to preserve your watch for eternity

Moving 8,760 hours per year, a watch caliber is subject to constant tension. As for the balance wheel, its oscillations amount to nearly 4,970 miles each year. Every Vacheron Constantin watch is capable of remarkable performance indefinitely, provided it is regularly maintained.


Your Vacheron Constantin is a rare timepiece. Therefore, we recommend you entrust its maintenance to authorized Service Centers. In fact, only operations carried out within this official network will allow you to benefit from our international Vacheron Constantin intervention warranty. The expertise and precision of our master watchmakers guarantee the reliability and accuracy of your watch year after year.

Vacheron Constantin - Service Center - When should I service my Vacheron Constantin timepiece?
When should I service my Vacheron Constantin timepiece?

Everything depends on how you wear your watch every day; however, we strongly recommend you bring your timepiece to a Service Center every 3 or 4 years for complication models, and every 4 or 5 years for mechanical models (self-winding or manual).


We are present all over the world in order to offer you a level of service in line with your expectations. Consequently, all of our exclusive Vacheron Constantin Boutiques as well as our authorized retailers can organize the maintenance of your watch at your nearest Service Center. Your watch can also be deposited at any Vacheron Constantin boutique in the presence of an authorized watch repairer.

Vacheron Constantin - Service Center - STATE-OF-THE-ART  SERVICE.

You should entrust the maintenance of your Vacheron Constantin timepiece to authorized watchmakers.

Services Lead Time

The servicing of a timepiece may vary depending on each particular case. The time-lead of a complete service or an intervention under warranty is approximately 4 weeks, in case the timepiece is received at a boutique providing watchmaking service on-site. The restoration of vintage pieces may take from 6 weeks onwards. These delicate pieces must be intervened at the Swiss headquarter in the specialized workshops for vintage watches.

To discover the exact service lead-time we recommend you to visit one of our boutiques.

Vacheron Constantin - Service Center - At your service
At your service

Our concierge is available to answer any questions or provide personalized advice